Don’t just take our word for it…


A very happy Ellie passing 1st time today in Newton Abbot. A successful end to a weeks Intensive course, well done.


Well done to Ashley from Torquay. Passed first time with Ice - never in doubt! Congratulation from us all.


Congratulations to Lauren who passed her test in Exeter. Well done from everyone at Ice Driving.

Max from Newton Abbot

Max from Newton Abbot passed his test with a superb 2 minors. Great drive well done Max from us all at Ice!

Priya from Harbertonford

A fantastic first time pass for Priya Rupen from Harbertonford! Well done Priya, a great result. Congratulations.

Perry from Torquay

Well done to Perry from Torquay. Passed first time with only 5 minors. Congratulations from us all at ICE!


Congratulations to Charlotte passing her test in Exeter. Well done from everybody at ICE!


A very happy Oliver after choosing the right driving school, oh and passing his test of course. Congratulations.

Courtney from Kingsbridge

Huge congratulations to Courtney on a really well deserved pass. Nice new shiny licence & a nice shiny car to drive!

Katy from Kingsbridge

Really well done to Katy Taylor-Cummings from Kingsbridge, passing on her first attempt with just six minors.

Tom from Totnes

Only one minor and a full driving licence is the result for a brilliant drive by Tom Nolan from Totnes.

Louis from Dartmouth

Great result for Louis Benjamin from Dartmouth. Just five minors and a full driving licence. Congratulations.

Chris from Kingsbridge

Congratulations Chris, first time pass with a handful of minors. Another new driver from Kingsbridge passing with Ice!

Jorge from Torquay

Jorge from Torquay. Passed with 5 minors. 2nd attempt but first with Ice. Congratulations.

Jess from Kingsbridge

Great result for Jess, passing on her first attempt. Really well done and a rightly deserved result.

Ollie from Dartmouth

Well done Ollie, passing on his first attempt, fantastic! Congratulations from all at Ice!

Billie from Kingsbridge

Passed on her first attempt with just three minors. Well done Billie, enjoy car shopping! Congratulations.