Don’t just take our word for it…


Naamah from Teignmouth passing her test 1st time despite the weather throwing us rain for the 1st time no problem, an enjoyable and successful intensive course , good luck with the new job and congratulations from all at ICE


First time pass with just three minors for Lydia Rootes from Kingsbridge. What a great result


Congratulations to Lauren passing her test in Exeter. Well done from everyone at Ice Driving.


Cameron from Newton Abbot passing 1st time. You can lead a horse to water Cameron the drive was all your own work!


Well done to Ashley from Torquay. Passed first time with Ice. Congratulations. Drive safe.


Well done to Nathan from Teignmouth passing his test first time with 5 minors. Congratulations!


Oliver from Newton Abbot. First time pass with 4 minors. Super deserved result, drive safe & well done.


Well done to Molly Matthews from Kingsbridge, passing on her first attempt! And with just one minor!


Well done to Elliot Bradbury from Kingsbridge, passing his test comfortably in Newton Abbot. Got there in the end!


Tom from Exeter, following in the family tradition by passing 1st time with ICE, tricky conditions not stopping Tom!


Congratulations to Nellie Purdy from Ringmore, near Kingsbridge, passing today with just a few minors. Great result!


Sam from Newton Abbot looking very pleased with her 1st time test pass with only 3 minors, a great result!


A big well done to Elliot Vooght from Loddiswell, following in the footsteps of both his siblings by passing on his first.


Miriam from Harbertonford, passing with just 4 minors! The alpaca in the background doesn't seem so bothered...


First time pass for Will Spooner from Totnes with just four minors. Just in time to head off on his travels.


First test of 2019 provides a great result for Paddy from Kingsbridge, passing on his first attempt with just two minors


John from Buckfastleigh proudly showing his ZERO fault test pass on his first attempt fantastic result for John!


Huge congratulations to Yvonne Richards from Kingsbridge, passing her test today with just three minors!!


Brilliant first time pass for Devon Taylor from Moreleigh!! Congratulations from everyone at Ice Driving.


Shane from Exeter, passing his test 1st time after a great intense course, congratulations and well done.